of San Esteban (Saint Stephen)

A brief description. 


The Dominicans settled in Salamanca in 1224 and moved to the priory near the church of San Esteban to start a study-house in 1228.

The state institution of higher learning at Salamanca was founded in 1218 under Alfonso IX. King Ferdinand III elevated the college of the Dominicans to university in 1243. But its real beginnings date of the University is 1254, when, under Alfonso X, grandson of the founder, three chairs in canon law and one each in grammar, arts, and physics were established.


From that time until the end of the 16th century, the University of Salamanca was one of the leading centres of learning in Europe, ranking with Paris, Bologna, and Oxford.



The church was built at the time of the catholic kings by order of the Bishop of Cordoba by Juan de Álava in 1525. It was completed in 1618. The façade is ornamented with numerous figures, the most famous among them the "frog on a skull". The interior of the church houses an altar of Churriguera, a masterwork of plateresque style and several impressive murals. Within the structure there is a lovely green courtyard.

In the University's interior certainly the huge Library  of 160.000 volumes is the main attraction.


In the center of the square in front of the University  there is statue of the Augustinian (not Dominican) Fray Luis de León (1527-23.8.1591) a famous poet and scholar who was persecuted by the inquisition in 1572. When after four years in prison he came back in 1576 to give lessons, his first words were: "As we mentioned yesterday ..."
In Calle Calderón there is the Unamuno Museum in the building where this poet and rector had his office.
In the old University
-Hospital you may visit the beautiful Renaissance court with its typical salmantinian arcades. The Old Library is interesting for its impressive fresco-painting "The Heaven of Salamanca”.


The Dominican Diego of Deza (1444-19.6.1523) were scholars at this University, also Francis of Vitoria, O.P. (ca.1486-12.08.1546) from 1526. He died in the priory on 12th August 1546.

Members of the priory and students of the University were among others Dominic of Salazar (1512-04.12.1594), and Thomas of Berlanga (ca.1485-08.08.1451).






The entrance of the University of Salamanca with the Dominican
church of San Esteban (Saint Stephen). In the center of the square
the statue of the Augustinian, not a Dominican, Luis de Leon (1527-23.08.1597),famous scholar of this University.


Colombia 1955, Mi 761, Sc C282.







Rafael Maya (`1897-1980), poet and critic.
The entrance of the Univcersity of San Esteban
in Salamanca.


Colombia 1986, Mi 1690, Sc 958.








The entrance of the University.

Spain 1936, Mi 759, Sc 626.





Portal of the University of Salamanca with the signature
of the
Dominican Francis of Vitoria (ca.1486-12.08.1546),
a famous scholar of thjis University.


Spain 1946, Mi 939, Sc 745.








Francis of Vitoria (1480/81-12.08.1546), famous scholar 
at the University of Salamanca from September 1526 till
He died in the priory of Salamanca on 12.08.1546.

He was the teacher of thousands of young Spanish men and
Dominican missionaries and founder of international law.
 This portrait by Vera Fajardo.


Spain 1987, Mi 2763, Sc 2508.






7th Cerntenary of the priory of San Esteban
in Salamanca, October 1956.


Spain 1956. Machine postmark Salamanca 16.10.1956.





The main portal of the church of San Esteban of the Dominican
priory in Salamanca with in the front the relief of  'The stoning
of Saint Stephen' by the sculptor Juan Antonio Ceroni.


Spain 1979. Postal card Salamanca.






'The Fraternity of the Christ of  the good death'' of
Salamanca celebrated the 50th Anniversary in 1994.
This memory in the postmark. On the cover the entrance
of the church of the priory of San Esteban in Salamanca,
with in the front the relief  'The stoning of Saint Stephen' 

by the sculptor Juan Antonio Ceroni.


Spain 1994. Postmark on cover, Salamanca.




Special cover honouring of Salamanca Ciudad Europea
de la Cultura. Exfilna 2002.

The entrance of the University of San Esteban, Salamanca.


Spain 2002. Postmark Salamanca 11.06.2002.
Entrance of the University of San Esteban





On the occasion of the XV summit talks Iberoamericana 14-15 October 2005 in Salamanca.
On the stamp the entrance of the University of Salamanca.


Spain 2005, Mi 4075, Sc 3375.



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