Diego of Deza

A brief biography.

Diego of Deza, theologian, archbishop, patron of Christopher Columbus, was born  at Toro, 1444. Entering the Order of St. Dominic in his youth, he became successively: professor of theology at St. Stephen's, Salamanca; tutor to Prince John, son of Ferdinand and Isabella; Bishop of Zamora, of Salamanca, of Jaen, of Palencia; Archbishop of Seville (1505).

In 1523 he was appointed Archbishop of Toledo and Primate of Spain, but died 9 June 1523,  before he had taken possession of that see.

He left several theological works, the principal one being a "Defensorium Doctoris Angelici, S. Th. Aquinatis" (Seville, 1491).


Diego of Deza was a friend of Columbus, and patronized the discovery of America. In a letter dated 21 Dec.,1504, Columbus wrote to his son Diego: "The Lord Bishop of Palencia (Diego Deza) has always favoured me and has desired my glory ever since I came into Castile." Then he added this most significant declaration: "He is the cause of their Highnesses' possessing the Indies, and of my remaining in Castile, when I was already on the road with the intention of leaving it."



Columbus and the Junta in the University of Salamanca,
with Diego of Deza, O.P.


Dominican Republic 1900. Mi 8, Sc 107.  





Columbus at the court of their Catholic Majesties of
, Ferdinand and Isabella, April 1493.

In the background, behind the King, Diego of Deza, O.P.


Dominican Republic 1986, Mi 1505, Sc 963.                             








Columbus at the Council of the University of Salamanca
(1487) with Dominican Friars,
among them Diego of Deza,


El Salvador 1989, Mi 1750 = 1894, Mi 86, Sc 101.







Meeting of Columbus with the commission of scientists
at the university San Esteban of the Dominicans in
Salamanca, 14
90. The commission, except Diego of
Deza, defeats Columbus’ project.

The painting by Barabina is preserved in the collection of
Contessa de Albertis in Genua.


San Marino 1952, Mi 464, 473, 477, Sc 308, 317, 320.





On this stamp of San Marino 1988, the San Marino’s stamp
of Columbus since 1487, at the University of Salamanca
The painting by Barabina is preserved in the collection
of Contessa de Albertis in Genua.


San Marino 1988, Mi 1186, Sc 1152.






The 500th birthday of king Ferdinand of Castile and

Aragon. Painting of Ricardo Balaca y Orejas Canseco
‘Columbus received by the Catholic Kings
after his First Travel’ (Barcelona, April 1493).

Between Columbus and their Catholic Majesties,
Diego of
 Deza, O.P.

Spain 1952, Mi 1013, Sc C139.






Columbus presented the Indians and their products
at the Court of the King in Sevilla,
April 1493.
Behind the Catholic Kings Diego of Deza, O.P.


Spain 1992, Mi 3070, Bl 49; Sc 2681.


The same:

Italy 1992, Mi 2227, Bl 13; Sc 1883.

Portugal 1992, Mi 1921, Bl 88; Sc 1922.
USA 1992, Mi 2225, Bl 27; Sc 1980.        








‘Return of Columbus and reception at the Court
(April 1493)’, painting by Luigi Gregory, preserved
at the University of  Notre Dame
, South Bend, Indiana.
 the King Diego of Deza, O.P.

USA 1893, Mi 80, Sc 237.        

= Saint Vincent 1991, Mi 1693, Sc 1450 i.  





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