del Camino
of Saint Dominic


A brief description.


Doña Enriqueta de Guilhou and her daughter Jacoba, owners of a factory at Mieres del Camino, founded a free school for education of girls in the monastery of the Dominican nuns in 1898.

On 15th September1899 the nuns started the Colegio Santo Domingo with paid education for the rich, and free for the poor parent's girls.




Special cover at the first century (1899-1999) of the Colegio Santo Domingo of the Dominican nuns at Mieres del Camino, Spain.

The college for girls was founded by Enriqueta de Guilhou
and her daughter Jacoba,
on 15th September 1899.


Spain 1999. Postmark Mieres del Camino 25.03.1999.




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