North America
Monastery of Saint Catherine of Siena

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A brief description.

Patzcuaro is one of the most exquisite little places in Mexico; having remained practically unchanged for the past two hundred years. Most of the houses date from colonial days, and are for the most part one-story buildings with carved beams supporting their projecting roofs, providing a sort of overhanging shelter for pedestrians.

In this city the church and the monastery of the Dominican Nuns of Saint Catherine of Siena esthablished in 1742. In  the buildings today the House of the Eleven Patios.
The whole of the colonial buildings that integrate it gave origin to its name, a great variety of regional handicrafts are exhibited and sold there.


Church and the monastery of Saint Catherine of Siena in Patzcuaro.

Mexico 1980, Mi 1724, Sc 1211.



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