German Stolp
church of Saint Hyacinth of Poland

For the early history of the Dominicans in Poland, click here.


A brief history.

Slupsk lies in the mid-way between Kolobrzeg and Gdansk, and played an important role as a member of the Hansa.  

The Dominicans built in Slupsk a priory with chapel, dedicated to Saint Hyacinth of Poland, near the castle of Duke BoguslawX in 1278. They lived and laboured there till 1524, when the Reformation expelled them. In this church the tombs of Boguslaw, the last Duke of Pomerania and his mother Anna of Croy.


The Dominican church in Slupsk, dedicated to Saint Hyacinth
of Poland. in the old town area of Slupsk, near the castle.

Poland 1961, Mi 1221, Sc 956.


NB In Slupsk was born

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