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A brief description.

La Nueva Guatemala de la Asunción.

After the earthquake in 1773, which destroyed the capital Guatemala Antigua,  the government of Guatemala founded in 1776, near the ancient ruins of Kaminal Juyu, La Nueva Guatemala de la Asunción, today Guatemala City.
The founders basically had to start the city from scratch, as the area was inhabited only by a few farmers.  Building began slowly and a street system was laid out similar to the Spanish-style grid. 

The church Santo Domingo (Saint Dominic).

The Spanish King Carlos IV forbade the building of high churches, but allowed the Dominicans to built a church with two low towers and a dome, dedicated to Saint Dominic, ready in 1808. After the earthquake of 1917, the church is rebuilt.
In the church the Virgen del Rosario, declared Queen of Guatemala, in 1933.

Much of the colonial-era architecture has been destroyed by the earthquakes of 1917, 1918 and 1976. There are still some historic homes that represent the 19th Century architecture, as well as the San Carlos University.  


The church of Santo Domingo in Ciudad de Guatemala,
built in 1808 and rebuilt in 1917.

Guatemala 1967, Mi 791, Sc C365.


Christ after his death, by an anonymous artist.
Statue in the church 0fSanto Domingo
in Ciudad de Guatemala.

Guatemala 1977, Mi 1058, Sc C614.



In the church of Santo Domingo, the statue of the Virgin of the Rosary
by an anonymous artist, declared Queen of Guatemala, in 1933.

Guatemala 1978, Mi 1086, Sc C641.


In the church of anto Domingo, the statue of the Virgin
of Sorrows by an anonymous artist.

Guatemala 1978, Mi 1087, Sc C642.



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