priory and church of St.Catherine.


A brief description.


After many historical events, Stralsund entered into the Hanseatic League in 1293.
The old town was designated a monument by Unesco; it has a unique historic substance, including three imposing brick churches, and an equally imposing market place, the Town Hall with its Gothic facade, the former Johannis
monastery and the priory of Saint Catharine.


The Dominicans are in Stralsund since 1251.They built the priory St. Catherine with church, dedicated to Catherine of Alexandria, ready in 1317.
After a restoration, 1919 - 1924, the priory houses the Provincial Museum of Neuvorpommern und Rügen with
an extensive collection of exhibits from prehistory and  history of the city and its surroundings. The church houses the Marine Museum since 1973 with in the cellars more than forty basins with fishes.




Front of the church of Saint Catharine.

Germany 2001,Mi 2195, Sc --.

Postmark Stralsund, 13.06.2001: 750 Jahre
Katharinenkloster. 50 Jahre Deutsches
Meeresmuseum Stralsund.




 The side-view of the Dominican church.


 Germany 2001, Mi 2195, Sc -, and

postmark Stralsund, 13.06.2001.
Ausstellung 750 Jahre Katharinenkloster.






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