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Priory of Saint Jaime

A brief description.

The city of Forli, Italy, the ancient Forum Livii (Foroliviensis), is situated between the rivers Ronco and Montone with the Dominican priory 'Giacomo Apostolo (Saint Jaime the Apostle)',

There lived Jacopo Salomonio (1231-1314),O.P.

* He was born in Venice, in 1231, the only child of noble parents.  His father died when James was very small, his mother left the family to become a Cistercian nun, and James was raised by his grandmother. Tutored by a Cistercian monk who taught the boy to meditate. He became a Dominican at Santa Maria Celeste in Venice. Worked with the sick, listened to confessions by the hour, and gave away everything that came to hand. Noted healer with hundreds of miraculous cures attributed to his intervention.
* He died at cancer at Forli on 31 March 1314 and was buried in the chapel at Forli. He was beatified in 1526.

Short course of life of Marcolino Armanni.

A native of Forli is the Dominican lay-brother Marcolino Amanni or Marcolino of Forli, O.P. (1317-1397). He entered the Order at the age of ten. He occupies a place unique in Dominican annals. He lived the mystical life with such intensity that he was nearly always rapt in ecstasy and unconsious of the thinks around him.
He died in 1397.
Many miracles were worked of the tomb of Marcolino.

Source: Dorcy, O.P.,  Mary Jean: St. Dominic's Family. Dominicana Publications, Washington. Tan Books and Publishers, Illinois, 1983, p. 178-179.

The Dominican priory San Giacomo Apostolo (Saint Jaime the Apostle), is now known as 'Complesso San Domenico', restored in 2004. 


Honouring the opening of the complex 'San Domenico'
in Fiorli. In the postmark the text: Inaugurazione restauro complesso

Italy 2004. Postmark Forli 15.05.2004.


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