Madonna dell' Arco

A brief description.

The Sanctuary of La Madonna dell' Arco is a complex consisting of a shrine to the Blessed Mother, a church, a Dominican monastery, a grade school, a high school, a retirement home, a charity institution for minors, and a hostel for pilgrims.
It is still common for pilgrims from Napoli to make the pilgrimage to Somma.

Numerous miracles have taken place; the countless number of ex photos
on the walls attest to that. The first miracle occurred on the Monday
after Easter in 1450 at a time when the sacred fresco was painted on an
outdoor wall. When a boy threw a ball at her image, her cheek began to bleed.

Since this incident, witnessed by many, buildings were erected around the fresco to protect it. It is now the main altar of the church, built under the direction of Giovanni Leonardi.

In 1594, the church was given over to the Dominican Fathers who have tended to it ever since.

The much-venerated shrine of La Madonna dell'Arco now lies just behind the high altar. Beautiful marble, gold, and fresh flowers adorn her. A gigantic set of marmor amid a wall of ex votoes.

A portrait of the sanctuary's founder,  Giovanni Leonardi, hangs on a wall in a small room just off the nave. Visitors and pilgrims can expect a warm welcome from the Dominican Fathers.

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Honouring of the 1st centenary of the coronation

of the Madonna dell' Arco.

The church of the Madonna dell' Arco.

Italy 1974. Postmark 28.08.1974.



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