of Our Lady's Assumption.


A brief description.

Aglona is located in the western part of Latgale highlands, in Seimani. In ancient times there were huge fir-tree forests there. This is how Aglona gained its name: 'fir-tree' or 'agla' (Latvian – 'egle') was changed in Aglona – the place of fir trees. In October 1995 Aglona was entitled to be a holy place of international importance.

The Dominicans in Aglona.

Pope Innocent XII (13.03.1615 - pope 12.07.1691 - 27.09.1700) confirmed the foundation (1699) of the priory of the Dominicans in Aglona.
The wooden church, dedicated the Madonna, was consecrated by the Latvian Bishop Jozef Kozelskis on 10 September 1751.
Polish soldiers brought
the statue of the Byzantine Virgin of King Manuel II (1350-1425) to Aglona. The statue was unscathed when the wooden church was demolished by fire in 1766.

The Dominicans built a new church in Baroque style with two 60 m high towers with 10 bells, and 10 wall altars between 1780 and 1800. In the church a number of oil paintings, among them Aglona God mother from the 18th century, the portraits of the founders and well-wishers Sostovicki, and was named Basilica by Pope John Paul II in 1980.

The church organ is 200 years old. In 1824 the Sacred spring was discovered healing the sick people nearby Aglona basilica and the Egle Lake.

In WO I the priory was the military hospital for the Russian Army and then closed after WO II. In 1992 the women's cloister was opened.
Since 2 December 1995 the Rezekne-Aglona diocese was established by the Pope’s bull and Aglona basilica became the cathedral.




The pastoral visit of Pope John Paul II to Latvia
on 28 August 1993.

On the FDC the church of Our Lady's Assumption
in Aglona.

Latvia 1993, Mi 360, Sc 352.


     Basilica of Our Lady's Assumption
     in Aglona.


     Latvia 1999, Mi 505, Sc 492,
     maximum card.

     Postmark Aglona 10.07.1999.

 Booklet 1999.


Honouring the 8th centenary of Cristianization of Latvia.
Seal of the Basilica of Our Lady's Assumption in Aglona, 1780.


Vatican City 1987, Mi 912, Sc 784.




The front of the basilica in Aglona.

Vatican City 1987, postmark 02.07.1987.


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