Saint Dominic's fair and run
'Jarmark Dominikanski'


A brief description.


The annual  'Jarmark Dominikanski' in Gdansk is celebrated of old around the feast day of Saint Dominic, 4, now 8 August.  Later also with the Saint Dominic's run.


    Gdansk postmark 05.08.1973.

                                    Gdansk postmark 03.08.1974.




  <<   Gdansk postmark 03.08.1975.


     The Jarmark Dominikanski.
     Gdansk postmark 03.08.1996.  >>>



        Poland 1997. Postmark
'Europejs Jahrmark Dominika'. Gdansk 17.8.1997.






Poland 1998. Postmark  Gdansk 1.8.-16.8.1998.



                   The running father.

The city Gdansk issued a postmark with a running comic father since 1997. I cannot see the running figure with a black soutane as a Dominican with his white habit and black cloak.


      European Annual
      Dominic’s fair, Gdansk     





The '9.bieg s.w. Dominika.               

                                                                                                                                                                                       The 9th (traditional) Dominic’s run in Gdansk on the feast-day of Saint Dominic, 8th August 2002.

2002. Postmark Gdansk 03.08.2002.






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