Fra Angelico  II


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The frescoes in the priory San Marco, Florence


Cosimo de' Medici gave the Dominicans the church and the priory of San Marco in Florence in 1436, early in the possession of the Sylvestrine Brothers.

Michelozzo was charged with the restructuring of the buildings and Fra Angelico with the fresco-decoration, now Museo di San Marco.


EM 69

Annunciation, ca. 1450, fresco 230 x 297 cm.

Museo di San Marco, Florence, corridor,


Ajman 1972, Mi 2170.

Also: Italy 2005, Mi 3062, Sc

          Palestinian Authority 2000, Mi 169, Sc 136.



EM 71


Madonna delle ombre (Madonna of the shadows), ca. 1450. Fresco and tempera, 193 x 273 cm. Museo di San Marco,  Florence, corridor of the first floor.

The Saints who were of importance to the Medici family appear here as in the San Marco Altarpiece, they are Lawrence, John the Baptist, Cosmas and Damian, the patron saint of the church St. Mark,
and the Dominicans: Dominic, Peter Martyr and Thomas Aquinas.

The central part of the fresco.

                          Dominica 1996, Mi 2234, Sc 1906.




EM 72


Noli me tangere, ca. 1450. Fresco, 166 x 125 cm.

"Mary Magdalene is kneeling at Christ's feet.

Museo di San Marco, Florence, cell 1.


Dominica 1996, Mi 2230, Sc 1902.






EM 74


Annunciation, ca. 1441.  Fresco 176 x 148 cm.

On the left Peter Martyr. Museo di San Marco,  Florence, cell 3.


Gambia 1991, Mi 1289, Sc 1167.

Also: Ajman 1972, Mi 2099, Bl 457A.






EM 76

Nativity, ca. 1441. Fresco, 177 x 148 cm.


The execution of this fresco is not by Fra Angelico,
but Benozzo Gozzoli's hand is not evident either.
Catherine of Siena and Peter Martyr were present at the adoration, 
but are eliminated on this stamp.
In the Museo di San Marco, Florence
, cell 5.


Zaire 1987, Mi 946, Sc 1238.




EM 77

Transfiguration of Christ, c. 1441.

Fresco 181 x152 cm.


The heads of Moses and Elijah appear at either side.
The Virgin and Dominic  are kneeling in prayer
Museo di San Marco, Florence, cell 6.


Equatorial Guinea 1974, Mi 347, Sc 7433.  Idem: Mali 1982, Mi 915, Sc C451.




EM 78

The mockery of Christ, ca 1441, fresco 187 x 151 cm.
Museo di San Marco, Florence
, cell 7.

Only St. Dominic.   


Vatican City 1971, Mi 587, Sc 510.

France 1998. Postmark Corbara (Corsica), 08.08.1995.





EM 79

The Resurrection (detail), ca. 1441, fresco 181 x 151 cm.

Museo di San Marco, Florence, cell 8.

Vatican City 1969, Mi 544-
546; Sc 467-469.

                    This stamp is Mi 546, Sc 469.








EM 81


The Presentation of Christ at the Temple. 1440-`1441,

fresco 151 x 131 cm.
Also Peter Martyr and Villana de' Botti.

Museo di San Marco, Florence, cell 10.


Gambia 1991, Mi 1288, Sc 1166.









EM 90


The institution of the Eucharist, ca. 1450. Fresco, 186 x 234 cm.

On this fresco akso Judas who is marked by a dark halo around his head. The presence of the Virgin is unusual.

Museo di San Marco, Florence, cell 35,  


This stamp, it is a pity, without the Virgin and four Apostles, among them Judas. Above the arms of the Eucharistic Congress in Argentina.




Argentina  1984, Mi 1711, Sc 1481.






EM 95


Christ on the Cross, adored by St.Dominic, ca 1442.
Fresco 340 x 206 cm. Museo di San Marco, Florence
, cloister St.Antoninus. Only Christ.


Grenadines of Grenada 1977, Mi 226, Sc 222.






EM 101


The Crucifixion (1441/1442), fresco 550 x 950 cm.


The fresco occupies the whole of the back wall of the
Chapter room.


On the stamp is absent the predella with seventeen Dominicans.


Museo di San Marco,  Florence, Chapter Room.

Nicaragua 1968, Mi 1479, Sc C649. With overprint Mi 1485, Sc C655.




The priory San Marco is a state property since 1866
and a museum since 1869.





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