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A brief description from data by Lic. Constanza González.

Córdoba was founded in 1573 by Jerónimo Luis de Cabrera. This was an important foundation due to the fact that it made possible to connect the Alto Peru with the Río de la Plata. Its geographic situation in the middle of the territory made the circulation of products and silver easier all around the Virreinato del Peru to which the jurisdiction Córdoba belonged.The population that Cabrera found in this territory was agricultural, complemented with hunting activity. Their social organization was based on kinship with a political head, the chief or cacique. The natives could make only little resistance to the conquest. So the Spanish people took possession of the territory very quickly.

During all the 17th and 18th century Córdoba was an important producer of bovine used for feeding and mules which were sold in Potosí (today Bolivia) to be used in the silver mines and for transportation. So since the beginning, Córdoba developed the cattle and the trade market. In the 17th century the Jesuits order had a relevant role in the material and spiritual life of the city. They had also a central role in the education of the elites. In 1613 fray Fernando de Trejo y Sanabria donated his goods for the foundation of the Maximum College of Jesuits. In that year the Council of Indies and the king Felipe III decided to allow the Jesus Company the power to grant university grades. This decision was opposed by the Dominic order. So only when the Pope Gregorio XV confirmed the decision of the king, it was possible for the Jesus Company to grant university degrees.

In 1604 the Dominicans settled down in Córdoba (Argentina) and built a priory with church, dedicated to Santo Domingo. In this church the statue of the Virgin del Rosario del Milagro.The architects Augusto and Nicolas Canepa rebuilt this church in renaissance and baroque style in 1861. Now it is a Basilica Minor and the sanctuary of the Virgin del Rosario del Milagro, patroness of this city, and of the Rosario.


A postcard honouring the 400 years presence of the Dominicans in Córdoba, Argentina. The postmark presents the statue of the Virgin del Rosario del Milagro, inaugurated in1592 on the place where is the church Santo Domingo today.

On this card the dome of the Basilica Minor of Santo Domingo and of the sanctuary of the Virgin del Rosario del Milagro, which was rebuilt by the architects Augusto and Nicolas Canepa in renaissance and baroque style in 1861. The small pictures show the procession of the Dominicans to the church.
Argentina 2004. Postcard  5 August 2004.

With thanks to José and Regina Bogaert-Van Wayenberge.

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