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Priory and church of Saint Dominic

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There are no records regarding the pre-Hispanic history of the indigenous town of Popayan, but in January 13, 1537 Spanish conqueror Sebastian de Belalcázar came to the conquered town and declared de foundation of Popayán now in the department of Cauca. The city is well-known for its colonial architecture and its contributions to Colombian cultural and political life.
More presidents have come from Popayán than any other city in Colombia and it was also home to noted poets, painters, and composers. Here is also located the Universidad del Cauca (est. 1826), one of Colombia's oldest and most distinguished institutions of higher education.
It was a very important town during the colony because its location between Lima, Quito and Cartagena. Even after the discovery of the Pacific Ocean Popayán was a transfer point of gold and riches going to Cartagena on its way to Spain. As a result Popayán is one of the most traditional Colombian towns and very rich in Colonial architecture although in March 31, 983 an earthquake destroyed part of the city. There are several colonial bridges, museums and churches in the town.
The priory of the Dominicans and the church of Saint Dominic, built by Gregorio Causï from Bogotá, housed the University del Cauca, founded in 1826.

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Church of Saint Dominic
and the entrance of the University of Cauca.

Colombia 1954, Mi 682, Sc C251.



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