Thomas Aquinas
1224-1225 - 7 March 1274

Part II

Paintings, Reliefs, Stained Glass Windows, Statues, Tapestry.

Churches and Priories, Colleges, Parishes, Seminary, Universities.

Michel Sittow (Zittoz), 1469 - 21/24 December 151235.

The altarpiece 'Madonna of the Catholic Kings', (tempera on panel, 123x112 cm.,1490-1495) was originally in the St Thomas priory in Avila, founded by Thomas de Torquemada in 1482 (+1498).

On the right of the Madonna King Ferdinand V is kneeling at the feet of his patron Saint Thomas, who presented the model of the priory's church dedicated to Saint Thomas Aquinas at Avila. Beside the King the Infant Don Juan, behind them the Chief Inquisitor Thomas de Torquemada can be seen. In the opposite group Queen Isabelle is adoring the Madonna with her patron saint St Dominic, the Italian-Spanish chronicler Peter Martyr of Anghiera or (Latin) de Angleria, and Princess Isabelle.

As painter is named Michel Sittow (Zittoz), 1469-24.12.1525, from Reval (Tallin), pupil of Hans Memling and appointed court painter of the Catholic Kings in 1492 till 1514.

But the attribution of this painting is debated. Recently it is assumed that it was created by a follower of Fernando Gallego (+1507 in Salamanca). The painting is now preserved in Museo del Prado, Madrid.

Sources: Web Gallery of Art, and others.


The stamp gives only the right part of the Madonna: Thomas Aquinas with the model of the church, a glimpse of the face of Thomas de Torquemada, King Ferdinand V, and the Infant Don Juan.

Grenada 2000, Mi 4455, Sc 3001,a.   Detail.



Also a detail of the painting: at the left of the Madonna:
Queen Isabelle and her patron Saint Dominic.

Guyana 1987, Mi 1830, Sc1789.




Haut-relief 1654, by un unknown artist, on the front of the Capilla del
Rosario, Bogotá, with Maria, Dominic, Thomas Aquinas
Catherine of Siena,
and Cristóbal of Torres, O.P. or Pius V, O.P.


Colombia 1938, Mi 390; Sc 458.






On the facade of the Capilla del Rosario, Bogotá, haut-relief
(1654) by an unknown artist, with Madonna del Rosario, Dominic,
Thomas Aquinas,
Catherine of Siena and Cristobal of Torres or
Pius V, O.P.

Colombia 1954, Mi 712, Sc 632.




Colombia 1959, Mi 847, Sc C316.






Stained glass windows


The Saint John's Cathedral in 's-Hertogenbosch has a stained glass window with Saint Thomas and Saint Bonaventura, by L.C. Hezenmans, of the atelier of Jean-Baptist Capronnier (1814-1891), 1878.



On the window Thomas with the first line of his hymn Lauda Sion Salvatorem, for the Liturgy of Corpus Christi, 1263. On the north-side of the Cathedral a statue of Thomas Aquinas, with a dove at his ear and a book with the first line of the hymn: Lauda Sion Salvatorem.


Netherlands 1985, Mi 1219, Sc B614.






On the facade of the church Santa Maria Rotunda of  the Dominican
priory at Wien
(1670) Dominican saints, so Thomas Aquinas.

Austria 1966, Mi 1202, Sc 757.






Gian Lorenzo Bellini, 7 December - 18 November 1680.



Gian Lorenzo Bellini (07.12.1598-18.11.1680) built
on the Saint Peter's Square the Colonnade, 1665-1557.
Thomas Aquinas is the 70th statue at the right.


Vatican City 1980, Mi 772, Sc 674.







The statue of Thomas Aquinas decorates the monument of
Cardinal Désiré Joseph Mercier (21.11.1851-23.01.1926).
promoter and professor of the Thomistic philosophy at the
University of Leuven..

Belgium 1932, Mi 338, (idem 340); Sc B 119 (idem B 120).




Matteus Wenzel Jäckel, 1655 - 1738.


Over the Vltava River (Moldau) in Prague, Czech Republic, is built by order of Emperor Charles IV the Carlsbridge by Peter Parler (1330-13.07.1399); first stone, 09.07.1367. On this bridge the statue of the Madonna with Child on the globe, Saint Dominic with cross and Thomas Aquinas with a book.


This statue is made by Matteus Wenzel Jäckel (1655-1738) in 1708, and a gift of the Dominicans of the St. Aegid-priory in Prague.
The authentic group is replaced by a copy in 1961. There are
many stamps of the Carlsbridge, but it is difficult to clearly see  the named group.

Czechoslovakia 1957, Mi 1004, Sc 787.





Tapestry by P.P.Rubens: Saint Clare among the Fathers of the Church. ca 1623, 86 x 91 cm. Rubens designed twenty cartons for tapestries about The triumph of the Eucharisty over the idolatry, dedicated to the church of  the monastery of the Sisters Clare in Madrid. Thomas Aquinas and before him Clara of Assisi with monstrance. On the left Gregor the Great, Augustin and Ambrosius (not on the stamp): on the right  Norbert, who opposed  the errors of Tanchelm (+1115). Beside him Hieronymus.
Preserved in Museo del Prado in Madrid.


Grenada Grenadines 1996, Mi 2217, Bl 345; Sc 1811.








Churches and Priories


The Architect Martin of Solozano began the construction of
the priory Santo Tomás in Avila
in 1453, resulting in a
Isabelline Gothic style, which occasionally housed
the royal
families during the summers.  

In the center of the church the alabaster tomb of the only son of the Catholic Monarchs, the Prince Don Juan (1478-1497), made by Domenico Fancelli in 1512.

The high altar is the creation of Pedro de Berguguete (ca 1450-1504) with panels about Thomas Aquinas' life, painted 1494-1498. In the choir of the church the prior Tomas of Torquemada, O.P. (1420-1498) chairs the Spanish Inquisition.


Spain 1972, Mi 2007, Sc 1739. Maximum card.





The cloister of the priory Saint Thomas in Avila.
Spain 1972, Mi 2008, Sc1740.                                                               

Front of the church.  Spain 1972, Mi 2006, Sc 1738.




Etienne Dauphin opened a lyceum in an old country-house  in Oullins on 20 October 1836. The provincial of the French Dominican Province, Henri-Dominique Lacordaire (12.5.1802-21.11.1861), bought this Lyceum and baptized it Saint Thomas d' Aquin, 1850.


France 1986. Postmark Oullins 18.10.1986.







Front of the Lycée, Collège St. Thomas d 'Aquin Veritas.  56, Rue du Perron 69600 Oullins.

France 1990. Postmark Oullins 09.11.1990 .




Monsignor Ferdinand Kieckens founded the Saint Thomas College

on Curaçao in August 1886.

Netherlands Antilles 1986, Mi 601, Sc 573.







50th Anniversary of the graduate school, Thomas College, joined
with the
University of Saint Thomas Aquinas in Manila, 1938-1988.
the building the statue of Thomas Aquinas.


Philippines 1988, Mi 1923, Sc 1988.






The 150th anniversary of the Saint Thomas College
in Matara, Sri Lanka, founded in 1844.
The Coat of Arms with the text: perseverando vinces.

Sri Lanka 1994, Mi 1045, Sc 1092.

In Colombo, Sri Lanka, Peter Alcantra Pillai (1904-1964)
founded the Aquinas University.

Sri Lanka 1985, Mi 701, Sc 754.



In 2004 the parish Thomas Aquinas in Faggiano, Italy,
received a relic of Sant Lucy of Syracuse, the virgin.

The first anniversary was remembered by a

postmark on 13 December (her day of death) 2004.

Italy 2005, postmark Faggiano, 13.12.2004.
Parish  St. Thomas Aquinas.



Postmark of the parish of Thomas Aquinas in
Faggiano 13.12.2005.

Italy 2005, Faggiano



Thomas Aquinas with a typical nimbus.  In his right hand the monstrance and in the linker a book. On de chest the  golden sun. In times past sacrificed personages has an aureola or aureole (diminutive of Latin aura, "air"): a  radiance of luminous cloud which surrounds the whole figure. When the aureola it appears merely as a luminous disk round the head, it is called specifically a nimbus.

The nimbus in Christian art first appeared in the 5th century. The form of the nimbus around the head of Thomas may be derived from the painting by Domenico Morone (1442-1508): 'Dispute with the scholars', preserved in the collection of Chaladon in Paris.

All the saints, depicted by Domenico Morone, wear a nimbus with a high border. Thomas is the patron of the village Belcastro with 1394 inhabitants (2006).

Italy 2006. postmark Belcastro 21.03.2006.
With thanks to José and Regina Bogaert-VanWayenberge.


4th Century of the parish church of St. Thomas Aquinas

in Mangaldan.


Philippines 2000, Mi 3152, Sc 2676.



Visit of Pope John Paul II to Denver (USA) August 1993.            
On the stamp the Seminary Saint Thomas in Denver.


Vatican City 1994, Mi 1131, Sc 966.






Costa Rica: Antigua Universidad de Santo Tomás.


Costa Rica 1981, Mi 1135, Sc C847.








Charles V ordered the Spanish Dominicans in the Dominican Republic to found a University, on 28 October 1538. Seal of the University Santo
Thomas Aquinas in Santo Domingo.


Dominican Republic 1938, Mi 352, Sc 340.






 On the seal Thomas Aquinas on his chair.

 Stamp honouring 5th centenary of the University.

 Seal of the University of Santo Domingo.

 Stamp to honouring 440th Year of the foundation.


Dominican Republic 1978, Mi 1213, Sc RA85.




The Philippines


In Manila the Dominicans founded on 28 April 1611 the University of Santo Tomas, a famous institute till today.


Click for the history of this University HERE.



Villages and cities named after Thomas Aquinas




Many villages and cities on the Philippines haves the name  

                  of the chapel or church, founded by Dominican missionaries.



  Santo Tomas, Pangasinan,
  established by the Dominicans.

  Postmark 15.8.1935.




Santo Tomas in the province Batangas, Luzon, founded by the Augustinians with patron Saint Thomas Aquinas !  





Postmark Batangas, 11.11.1935, and 18.02.1994.  


Other cities named Santo Tomas in the district Isabela.

Cities Santo Tomas, in the districts of La Union, Pampagna, were named after Thomas de Villanova, O.E.S.A.




Charter and Coat of Arms of San Tomé de la Guayana.


Venezuela 1969, Mi 1794, Sc 945.





Exhibition in Priverno, about Thomas Aquinas on paintings
and in the iconography
, October 2001. Postmark possible derives from Francesco de Zurbaran’s Triumph of S. Thomas,
Museo Provincial de Bellas Artes, Sevilla.

Italy 2001. Postmark Priverno 20.10.2001.

In Panana-city, district Caledonia, is situated the Hospital Santo Tomás, dedicated to Thomas of Villanova, (ca 1487-08.09.1555; O.E.S.A.), not to Thomas Aquinas.

Panama 1942, Mi 322, Sc 347.






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