Peter of Córdoba

A brief biography.

Peter of Córdoba, Spain, was born ca 1482. He joined the Dominicans and arrived with other Spanish Dominican missionaries in Hispaniola, now Haïti and Dominican Republic, in 1510.

He and his comrades, including Antonio Montesinos, questioned the social and religious system imposed by the early Spaniards. Cordoba raised questions about property rights of the Indians, the obligation to restore property taken from the people, their right to baptism and the peaceful, voluntary acceptance of Christian faith, and limitations to the power of the monarch.

Despite a hearing from the Spanish King Fernando in 1513, Cordoba succeeded in obtaining only a little amelioration for the people. In 1514 he send the Dominicans Francis of Córdoba and the lay-brother John Garcés to the Indians in Cumaná, Venezuela. Their ship was entered through the Indians and the whole crew was killed.

Peter of Córdoba died on Hispaniola on 29 June 1530.

He wrote a Doctrina Cristiana that appeared after his death on Hispañiola, 29.06.1530, in Mexico 1548. Until recently obscured by the figure of Bartolomé de Las Casas, Peter of Córdoba was eulogized by Pope John Paul II.





Peter of Córdoba, O.P. (ca 1482-29.
06.1530) preaching
the Gospel to the Indians in the New World on Hispaniola,
(Haïti and the Dominican Republic)
, after 1510.


Dominican Republic 1989, Mi 1598, Sc. 1068.





Front page with saint Dominic of the Doctrina Cristiana,
of the Spanish missionary Peter of Córdoba (ca
. 1482-29.06.1530),
published in Mexico 1548.
After his death translated for the missionaries on the Philippines and
printed in Manila on the first local printing press of  the dominican priory
in Binondo (Manila), 1593, by Juan of Cobo, O.P. in xylography:

the art of printing from wood carving.


Philippines 1949, Mi 672, Sc B2.




400th Anniversary of the first local printing press by xylography (wood carving) in the Dominican priory in Binondo, Manila.


Philippines 1983, Mi 1515, Sc 1630.








Front page with saint Dominic of the Doctrina Cristiana of Peter of
Cordoba, O.P. (ca 14
82-29.06.1530). 400th Anniversary of the printing.


Philippines 1993, Mi 2357, Sc 2273.






 Front page of the Doctrina cristiana en lengua española y

americana hecha por los religiosos de la orden dicto
by Peter of Córdoba, O.P. (ca 1482-29.06.1530)
published after his dead, in Mexico 1548.


Spain 1966, Mi 1646, Sc 1378.






The Dominican preacher Peter of Córdoba, O.P. (ca 1482-29.06.1530) with Cross and the Gospel.
In the background his Doctrina Cristiana, printed in Mexico, 1548 and then translated in many languages. Latest edition in Spanish in Madrid, 1944.

Venezuela 1998, Mi 3328, Sc



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