Dominic, founder of the order
1172 - 6 August 1221

Part II


Paintings: Carlos Vuctor Francesco etc.

Paintings by unknown artists.
Stained Glass Windows.
Sculptures, Relieved,  Statues.

Saint Dominic on postmarks.

The annual jarmark Dominikanski in Gdansk.

Chapels, churches named after Saint Dominic..




Carlos Victor Francesco

Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary with Saint Dominic by
the Philippine artist Carlos Victor Francesco (1913).


Philippines 1984, Mi 1584, Sc 1690.


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Domenico Ghirlandaio


Painting by the Italian painter Domenico Ghirlandaio (1449-11.01.1494),
221 x 198 cm, for the Dominican church of Santa Maria Novella in Firenze, 1486-1490.

The entire painting, - triptych -, is moved in 1804 and the middle part
was sold by the King Luis I of Beieren in 1816. On this painting
on the left St. Dominic with a book and the text: Disciplinam et
sapientam docuit eis beatus Dominicus. Saint Dominic teached them order and wisdom. The painting is now preserved in the Alte Pinakothek in München.


Manama 1972, Mi 1225.



The Virgin on the Throne with Child and Saints, by Domenico Ghirlandaio (1449-1494).Tempera on panel 158 x 197 cm,

Dominic kneels to the Virgin.
Thomas Aquinas with the book. Galleria degli Uffici, Firenze.


Uganda 1996, Mi Bl 267, Sc 1455.





El Greco
Domenicos Theotokopoulos


Dominic by Domenicos Theotokopoulos (El Greco 1541-1614),
preserved in the sacristy of the cathedral of Toledo.


Vatican City 1971, Mi 589, Sc 512.






Filippino Lippi

Virgin and Child with Saint Jerome and Saint Dominic by Filippino Lippi (1447-18.04.1504), tempera on panel (203 x 86 cm), painted in 1486 for the chapel of St. Jerome of the Family Rucellai in the church San Pancrazio, Firenze.
The painting is preserved in the National Gallery in London since 1867


                                      Grenadines of St. Vincent 1992, Mi 956, Sc 938.

Central part of the painting:
Anquilla 1973, Mi 181, Bl 3; Sc 182, sh 186 a.
Bahamas 1976, Mi 406, Sc 394.

Cook Islands 19
69, Mi 232, Bl Mi 5; Sc 268.
Penrhyn 1982, Mi Bl 3, Sc 209;
Penrhyn 1994, Mi 569, Sc 442c.
Togo 1988, Mi 2099, Sc 1484. Trinidad and Tobago 1971, Mi 288, Sc 205.

Painting by Fra Filippo Lippi (1406-09.10.1469):
Madonna dell' Umilità con angeli e santi carmelitani;  too  t
he Madonna of Humility.
In early time it belongs to the collection of Trivulzio, now preserved in the Museo Castello Sforzesco. Milano, and too named the Trivulzio Madonna, after the name of the previous owner.

Probably painted (oil on panel, 85x168 cm.), when Fra Lippi was living in the monastery Santa Maria del Carmine, ca 1431, and destined for the altar of the Carmelite Saints Angelo and Alberto around the Virgin.  But probably there are two figures from the Dominican history at the right. One had a cleaver in his head and that is the symbol of the Dominican Peter Martyr of Verona. Near him a Saint with lily on his shoulder, like Saint Dominic, but both with a white (Carmelite) cloak!
Is that for the colour on the painting or a sign of the celestial situation?

Tempera on panel in form of a timpano, 85x168cm.
Preserved in the Museo del Castello Sforzesco, Milano,
since 1934.


Sierra Leone 2001 (Christmas) , Mi-- , Sc –



Giovanni M. Morandi


Catherine of Siena accepts the Child Jesus. Dominic receives the lily.
by Giovanni, M. Morandi (1622-1717). The reproduction
gives only the hands of St. Dominic, and is the mirror image.

Preserved in the Dominican priory Santa Sabina, Roma, the see
of the Master of the Dominican Order

Grenada 1975, Mi 720, Sc 68




Filippo Naldini


Our Lady of the Rosary with Dominic and Catherine of Siena,
painting by Filippo Naldini (+ 1782) in the church of Sts. Peter
and Callistus in Civitella  d’ Agliano (Viterbo).



Entire painting framed on three sides by the mysteries
of the rosary, i.e. illustrations of thirteen events of the
life of Christ narrated in the Gospels: annunciation, birth and childhood (left); passion und death (right); resurrection
, ascension and Pentecost ;
and two vignettes: the dormition and glorification of Mary (top).


Serafini, Augustine, H. inThe Coros Chronicle,
December 2001, number 320, p. 166-167.


Sovereign Military Order of Malta, 15.10.2001, sheet nr 160.                           



Bartolommeo della Porta


Dominic after the mural of Bartolommeo della Porta, O.P. (28.03.1472-06.10.1517) without his hand and some others details.


Spain 1965, Mi 1533, Sc 1295.






Peter Paul Rubens


The Madonna adored by four penitents and Saints (Dominic,
Francis of Assisi) by Peter Paul Rubens (1577-1640).

Oil on canvas, 257 x 202 cm, 1616/1617.
Preserved in the Staatliche Kunstsammlungen, Kassel.

This painting is completed by Anthony van Dyck.


Paraguay 1982, Mi Bl 379, Sc C517.





José Maria Sert y Badía

Christ gives the  monastic rules to Saint Dominic. 
Mural by José Maria Sert y Badia (21.12.1874-27.11.1945)
for the cathedral at Vich. The mural is destroyed during the
Spanish Civil War in 1936.

Spain 1966, Mi 1601, Sc 1339.



Michel Sittow

The Virgin of the Catholic Monarchs, ca. 1493, 123 x 112 cm.
On the right Saint Dominic with lily. Detail of the panel. As painter
is named Michel Sittow (Zittoz), 1469-24.12.1525 from Reval (Tallin),
pupil of Hans Memling and appointed court painter of the Catholic Kings
from 1492 till 1504.                    
                                                                   Grenada 2000, Mi 457, Sc 3001, c.



Other sources, - Internet Web Gallery -,  assign as painter an unknown
follower of the Spanish painter Fernando Gallego (ca 1440-ca 1507).
Preserved in the Museo del Prado, Madrid.

Guyana 1987, Mi 1830, Sc 1789.
Also Vatican City 1992, Mi 1053, Sc 900.



Giovanni Battista Tiepolo


Madonna with six Saints. painting by Giovanni Battista Tiepolo
05.03.1696-27.03.1770), Oil on canvas 72,8 x 56 cm., 1755/1756.

To the left Dominic and Catherine of Siena.

Szépmüvészeti Muzeum. Budapest.


Hungary 1984, Mi 3660, Bl 170; Sc 2839.





Tiziano Vecellio

Dominic de Guzmán by Titian (Tiziano Vecellio, (1488/1490-

27.08.1576), 1568, oil on canvas, 92 x 78 cm.

Preserved in the Galleria Borghese, Roma.


                                                                      Lesotho 1988, Mi 746, Sc 689.

Not the whole painting: Vatican City 1971, Mi 588, Sc 511.
Only Dominics' head on Italy 1923, Mi 162, Sc 144,

 With overprint Italian-Cyrenaica,1923, Mi 2, Sc 2.Italian-Eritrea, Mi 65,
Sc 66.Italian-Somalia, Mi 48, Sc 52
. Italian-Tripoli, Mi 15, Sc 2.




Bartolomeo Vivarini


Madonna and Child enthroned, surrounded by Saints by Bartolomeo
Vivarini (ca. 1412- ca. 1499), painted in 1465.

Saint Dominic in the corner on the left, Saint Peter Martyr, right.

Preserved in the Galeria Nazionale, Neapel.


Cook Island 1990, Mi Bl 197, Sc 1046.




 Rogier van der Weyden


Roger van der Weyden (1399/1400-18.06.1464): Pieta.
Tempera on panel 35x44 cm.
Dominic on the right,
Hieronymus at the left.

National Gallery of London. Jerome and ? Dominic.


Cook Islands 1978, Mi Block 79, Sc 483.

The same painting on Rwanda 1975. Mi Block 52; Sc 626 without the heads of the Saints!







The Virgin of the Rosary with Dominic with crown by an unknown artist
of the Quito School, 18th century.


Ecuador 1972, Mi 1555, Sc C495.






The Virgin of the Rosary with Saint Dominic.

Painting by an unknown artist in Panama.


Panama 1988, Mi 1682, Sc 754.







The Virgin with Child, Dominic with book and lily and Peter Martyr.
Painting by unknown artist
of the Italian School, 16th century. Gemälde Galery of Lemberg.


Ukraine 1998. Mi Bl 11,  Sc 306.           






Saint Dominic on the stained-glass window (1962),
design by Lejeune, produced by R.Legrand.
in the church Notre Dame du Rosaire in Saint
Peter's Port, Guernsey. On the stamp only Saint Dominic.

                                       Guernsey 1973, Mi 86, Sc 88.




In 1498, Queen Leonora of Portugal created the first Misericórdia (House of Mercy) in Lisboa. A charitable, Church-run institution, it became the model for many other institutions known as Santas Casas (Holy Houses), that soon spread throughout Portugal and its overseas territories (a 1994 estimate counted 500 of these institutions in Portugal). For many centuries, and to a certain extent even today, the Misericórdias would be the most visible face of philanthropy (charity) in Portugal. It is only in the XIX century that a more secular and liberal inspired form of philanthropy takes hold.

500th Anniversary of the founding of the Fraternity (Brotherhood) of Works
of Mercy
(Misericórdias) by Queen Leonora of Portugal in 1498 in Lisboa.

On this sculpture the Virgin Mantle wearing crown surrounded by angels.
At the left  Pope Sixtus IV  ?,Bishops,
Saint Dominic. At the right queen Leonora of Habsburg ?, her husband King Emanuel I (03.05.1469, King 1495-03.12.1521)?, and others. Sculpture by ?? , preserved ??


Portugal 1998, Mi 2235, Sc 2207.




Haut-relief 1654 on the front of the Capilla del Rosario, Bogotá,

with Maria, Dominic, Catherine of Siena, Thomas Aquinas and
of Torres, O.P. or Pius V, by unknown artist.


Colombia 1938, Mi 390, Sc 458.     The same relief:



  Colombia 1954, Mi 712, Sc C 261.



                     Colombia 1959, Mi 847, Sc C316.





The Virgin of the Rosary and Dominic.
Bas-relief  by Maniglier in the front of the main portal
of the Cathedral of Lourdes.

Monaco 1958, Mi 601, Sc C31.






 Saint Dominic, sculpture by an unknown artist from the School

of Quito, 17th century.


Ecuador 1972, Mi 1560, Sc C496.








Statue of Saint Dominic in the Saint John
Cathedral at 's-Hertogenbosch by A. van der Geld, 1919.


Netherlands 1985, Mi 1269, Sc B614.




Dominic on the façade 1670, of the basilica minor ad S.  Maria Rotunda
of the Dominican
priory at Wien.


Austria 1966, Mi 1202, Sc 757.






Over the Vltava River (Moldau) in Prague, Szech Republic,  is built by order of Emperor Charles IV the Carlsbridge by Peter Parler (1330-13.7.1399); first stone, 9.7.1367.

On this bridge the statue of the Madonna with Child on the globe, Dominic with the cross and Thomas Aquinas with a book. This statue is made by Matteus Wenzel Jäckel (1655-1738) in 1708, as a gift of the Dominicans of the St. Aegid-priory in Prague.

The authentic group is replaced by a copy in 1961.




There are many stamps of the Carlsbridge, but it is difficult to clearly see the named group.


Czechoslovakia 1957, Mi 1004, Sc 787.









Postmark at the celebration of the 760-years of the Dominican priory
at Wien
The graphica Lucie Büchheim created this postmark
after the initial from the Heumer-missal 1477 in the library of the priory.
Dominic presented with a travelling staff and
in the background a city
with church.

Austria 1986. Postmark Wien 5.10.1986.





Fra Angelico. EM 78: The mockery of Christ. Ffresco 187 x 151 cm.,
. 1441. Museo di San Marco, cell 7, Firenze. Detail.


France 1998. Postmark Corbara 08.08.1998.

Postmark with Dominic’s portrait by Fra Angelico,







Bas-relief of the sculptor Manilier above the main entrance of the
Basilica Notre Dâme du Rosaire in Lourdes. Dominic receives the rosary.


France 2001. Postmark Lourdes, 04.11.2001.           






Maria gives the Rosary to Dominic in the church of the
ey of Osterhofen, Germany.

Statue by Egid-Quirin Asam (01.09.1692-29.04. 1750).


Germany 1983. Postmark Osterhofen 26.08.1983.





St. Dominic with book and dog.


Italy 2003. Postmark Marina di Camerota 04.08.2003.






Dominic, Spanish Domingo, is the patron of the city Sto. Domingo in the province Albay, Philippines.


Philippines. Postmark Sto Domingo 14.02.1994.



Dominic, Spanish Domingo, is the patron of the city Sao Domingo
in the province Nueva Ecija, Philippines.


Philippines 1994. Postmark Sto.Domingo 17.02.1994.





Madonna, Child and Dominic
by A.Dürer.

Poland 1994. Postmark Lodz 24.12.1994.




is celebrated f
rom of old around the feast day of Saint Dominic, 4, now 8 August.

Search: Europe Poland Gdansk saint Dominic's run.




The fort San Domingo in Tamsui.


Republic of China 1985, Mi 1637, Sc 2478.








There are many chapels, churches, colleges, monasteries and priories dedicated to Saint Dominic. Among others:


Italy Fabriano priory of Saint Dominic
Italy Gubbio church of Saint Dominic

Italy Noto church of Saint Dominic 

Italy Rieti church of-Saint Dominic

Peru Lima priory and church of Saint Dominic

Poland Plocka, church of Saint Dominic

Spain Mieres college of Saint Dominic 


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